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Connecting Crestron to Kodi, the world’s favourite media server


Kodi Media Player is a Crestron Module

Kodi is a free, open source media server application that runs on almost any type of device including tiny boards such as the Raspberry Pi. With Kodi as your media server you get all of your content delivered in an easy-to-use, beautifully designed, package that is also easy to install and maintain.   Use a Crestron TouchPanel or the Crestron iOS App to control your media collection and you experience a sleek, beautifully designed product. Kodi Media Player improves on this experience by offering true scrolling lists: You can browse a media collection of any size in the familiar fashion by flicking upwards.

Even better from a developers point of view is the ease of setup. The demo program takes 2 minutes to install. Almost all feedback comes down a single serial signal using the proprietary Crestron CRPC protocol. No need for dozens of signals dramatically shortening the time from design to delivery for your customer.

Watch Video

See the software in action! Watch how easy it is to browse, find and select the movies, TV shows or music that you want to play. You can even queue up your favorite music or start a DJ playlist. Get a slideshow going of your holiday, start the music and GO.

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